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Velkommen til Leif Erikson Lodge 2-001 Seattle, Washington

The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and to preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic countries, and provide quality insurance and financial products to our members.

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Holiday season,   here we come!!

For those who like to plan out their year, Christine Anderson put together a calendar of the 2015 events at Leif Erikson Lodge.
Get it here.



This is the online home of the Leif Erikson Lodge in beautiful downtown Ballard, Washington.

If you're new to the area or would like to reconnect with your Norwegian heritage (or, if you'd just like to hang around with fun people--we don't check at the door) we'd love to have you join us! 

Find out more about our activities on our events page.

Join the fun at Leif Erikson Lodge!

Do you shop on
(doesn't everybody?)

If so, did you know if you shop through, Amazon will make a donation to the Leif Erikson Lodge with every one of your purchases?
It's easy to set that up--
just click here!


What's going on at the other

Sons of
Norway lodges in the area? 

pictures, maps & calendars of other lodges in our area, click here.       

Ima Norwegian says:
"Read the Vikingen!"


You'll find Ima, along with important lodge information every month inside our monthly newsletter, The Vikingen.  What's even better, you can always read the latest edition right here!



Keep your eyes on your mailbox for the November issue of the Vikingen. Or click here to download your copy!

If you don't have Adobe Reader so you can read the newsletter online, it's free!  Just click here


Here's a page we've dedicated to the various merchants who have supported events at the Leif Erikson Lodge because, without their support, we couldn't offer as many programs and events.

Need help finding us?
We're at

2245 NW 57th St
 Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 783-1274
Make Your Event Even
MORE Special!

The Leif Erikson Lodge is available to rent for your next special event!

Yes, that rhymes.

To find out about rentals and availability, email us at



Some basic rules to remember:


To obtain a gate card for the park you must have a current Leif Erikson Lodge membership card, a valid driver’s license and $25 card deposit.  The name on the membership card and driver’s license must be the same. 


Reservations are mandatory.  

Please call our caretaker at

(360) 982-0534.


  • Access is per member not per family.  
  • You may not give your membership card to someone else and expect them to be admitted to the park. 
  • If you wish to bring family members you must accompany them!
  • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times!  No exceptions
  • Membership cards from other Lodges are not valid for entry to the park.

  • You've never been to Norway Park?

    Well, at least visit our website